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Example Portfolios in Urology

Portfolios / Tips for Medical Students

Recommended books / Gray's Anatomy


Click Here to watch an excellent portfolio on Haematuria written by Ruth Davey when she was a student at ECH

Suggested Portfolios

1. 63 yr old man with Lower urinary tract symptoms PSA 4.7ng/ml DRE shows nodule on left.  
a. Take a suitable history
b. Point out relevant examination findings
c. What Investigation(s) would you do and why?
d. What are the results of the investigations?
e. Found to have cancer of prostate

i. What stage?
ii. (i.e. tell me about TNM staging)
iii. Research and tell me about Gleason score
iv. What are treatment options in view of age / PSA / T stagev. Talk about Kattan's nomogram (look on WWW)

f. What Rx did he have and what was the outcome?
g. Overview of what you know about epidemiology of CAP
2. 56 yr old man with blood in urine
a. Take a full history - relevance of history
b. Exam findings
c. What tests would you do and what did you find?
d. Found to have small tumour in bladder
e. What happens next?
f. T stage (explain) is G3pT1 - explain grading system
g. What are treatment options? - look on intranet at WACN bladder cancer guidelines (in Cancer section)
h. What did he have done?
i. Overview of epidemiogy of bladder cancer
3. 34 yr old woman admitted with pain in left loin  
a. Take a history and exam
b. What are relevant features
c. Working diagnosis is renal colic
i. What Ix would you do?
ii. What does it / they show?
iii. Treatment options (NB based on size / location of stone)
d. Overview of Management of stones
e. Find out about medical investigation and medical management of stones




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