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Urology Trainees


This section has been designed for the use of Urology trainees.

Information presented here will be useful for the new F1 doctors, F2 staff preparing for the MRCS examination, and SpRs in Urology

A list of suggested medical competencies for each of these groups is shown here. For a list of competencies suggested by the Surgical Tutor website click here.


Available resources

  Clinical Tutorials (Pictures and questions)
  Case histories (for discussion)

Urology Lectures -comprehensive lectures with self test MCQs. Good for revision practice

  Glossary of conditions (aimed at urology patients, but may contain useful information)
  Video clips of common urology operations - more to be added soon
  Link to Surgical Tutor website  
  Link to onexamination.com  

Under Development

  • Mulitple Choice Questions on Urology Topics
  • Radiology Gallery
  • Pathology Gallery
  • Slide Gallery



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